Windows Longhorn Bulid 4008 AND Bulid 4074 Download link

March 8th, 2012 @ julian  -  16 Comments

ISO: KEY:TCP8W-T8PQJ-WWRRH-QH76C-99FBW =For Bulid 4074 ISO: Serial: CKY24-Q8QRH-X3KMR-C6BCY-T847Y = For Bulid 4008 NO TORRENT!

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16 Comments → “Windows Longhorn Bulid 4008 AND Bulid 4074 Download link”

  1. nathantech77

    4 years ago

    mega upload has been seized by the government and the download has been completely deleted. Where can I find this ISO now?

  2. SpikeballUnion

    4 years ago

    @RyanKeeleyFilms Don’t worry I’ve fixed it now. In the Edit > Settings menu the Hard Disk path led to a non existing vhd file, so I re-routed it to the one I had on my expansion drive. Virtual Machine works great by the way. Also another thing, how do you get internet on the Longhorn OS? It doesn’t have a wireless connection thing that you can setup, just a bunch of ethernet cable dial-up connections. How do you connect the Longhorn Virtual PC to a wireless router or Wi-Fi?

  3. RyanKeeleyFilms

    4 years ago

    @SpikeballUnion witch bulid is it did you install it on a real computer bulid 4008 has alot of problems reading hard disks thats why they relesed vista insted of longhorn

  4. SpikeballUnion

    4 years ago

    Btw I have a problem. The ISO Installed fine. The serial key worked too. But when it comes to where I install the OS, it says Disk 0 – 0 MB free. I don’t know where all my hard disks have gone. They don’t show. And it wont let me continue with the installation. It says phase one has completed and it will move onto phase two once it restarts, but when it restarts, the whole Longhorn setup starts again. Please help!

  5. SpikeballUnion

    4 years ago

    wdl2[dot]winworldpc[dot]com/Beta%20Operating%20Systems/PC/Microsoft%20Windows%20Vista%20%27Longhorn%27/ Here’s all the longhorn stuff. Replace “[dot]” with a dot: .

  6. SuperMario32game

    4 years ago

    both dead =(

  7. Mario53161

    4 years ago

    thx for the 4008 link.
    and i will use in vpc 2007 without editing the bisod date

  8. radiozoto2006

    4 years ago

    the first link is dead, my friend…

  9. Phenom69ll

    4 years ago

    @elitex778 tiny7? 0.o

  10. Phenom69ll

    4 years ago

    hey is it stable for gaming? can it run any drivers? or games? is there any mayor bugs with this Windows since its in development hell and still as beta? could anyone actually answer my question? Thanks :D

  11. mspostaldude

    4 years ago

    Second link fork tahnx

  12. thehornyhorse

    4 years ago

    First Link; Dead, plz reupload. THX

  13. wiredgroup

    4 years ago

    @mopo028 Before blurting out what’s on your mind, I suggest you learn punctuation.

  14. robloxlover55

    4 years ago

    4074 is Dead :(

  15. senki6660

    4 years ago

    Can you fill up again in the longhorn 4074? because the link is no longer good. ;)

  16. mopo028

    4 years ago

    this video stinks wheres the volume

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